We’re Crowdfunding! Here’s Why…


A growing global community of over 13,000 freelancers diverse in jobs who gather to share knowledge and discover new ways to freelance.

Freelancing Females was founded in 2017 by Tia Meyers, a freelance Social Media Consultant, after not getting paid for her work. When she realized there was no community or safe space dedicated to supporting women in her situation, she made up her mind to create one. Freelancing Females (FF) started as a Facebook group with a few friends and quickly grew into a global community powered by diverse women from a variety of disciplines. Since its launch just over a year ago, membership has grown to more than 13,000 active participants with over 100 membership requests daily.


Motivated to create long lasting relationships and bring members together FF started hosting small meetups in early 2018. To date, events have been held in NYC, London, LA, SF, Chicago, and Austin with an average of 50 women at each event.

Looking forward, Freelancing Females will host more events while adding new digital content, mentorship opportunities, and an official jobs board with the goal of supporting members as they continue to cultivate their true passions.

A Freelancing Female is a woman motivated to be a resource and inspiration to others, who believes in fostering a bright culture where each individual has ample resources available to cultivate her own success.

Our Goals

Freelancing Females is a growing community and we want to build on our momentum! There is so much we want to offer our members, and with your support, we can make it happen. The money raised for Freelancing Females will allow us to.

  • Build a website platform that will act as a directory of freelancers, host vetted jobs, and resources

  • Host a weekly newsletter to our growing list of over 10,000 members

  • Bring on key hires and pay them what they’re worth

  • Enrich our community engagement opportunities, as well as expand to new cities around the world


Freelancing Females was created to provide a space where fellow freelancing women can connect, share, and grow.

Our founder, Tia, has been self-funding Freelancing Females for the past year and a half. While the community was initially entirely online, we’ve worked to put together experiences and events in our major FF cities, giving our members the opportunity to meet IRL. The only way Freelancing Females can continue to provide these experiences, maintain the group and add more resources is to grow into a website and team. For that, we need your help.


Our mission is to support women on their journey of redefining their 9-5 by building resources, sharing vetted jobs, and offering mentorship and community. By going freelance, our multifaceted women get to diversify their skills and work on projects where they can be their best while learning and growing at the same time. This is the power of Freelancing Females.

57.3 million people freelanced in 2017, and of that number 26.9 million were women. We are less than a decade away from freelancers being the majority of the workforce. 

The freelance workforce is on the rise and going mobile. Many freelancers are moving away from their native cities to find a cheaper cost of living, making it hard to find safe and supportive communities. Freelancing Females learned this first-hand and branched out from its home base of New York City and launched chapters in cities such as Chicago, Los Angeles, Austin, San Francisco, and Boston.

Freelancing Females was instrumental in the launch of the Self-Esteem Rising campaign. We found an  incredible team of women with various skills and talents. Every type of creative came from the Freelancing Females community to help build a successful campaign.

- Self Esteem Rising Team

Because of this group, I've been able to build my business, expand my client base, and improve my skills more than I ever thought possible. 

-Amrit Khalsa

I highly recommend FF to access a savvy, talented, and trustworthy group of women ready to work and support each other’s success! Last year after reviewing over a hundred applications from sites like Upwork and Guru, I turned to FF. I quickly found my match — together we developed the Thoughtful Human logo, fonts, and over 100 SKUs. 

-Ali O'Grady, Thoughtful Human

I found a fantastic and FUN 2 month gig here that got me a great piece for my book and allowed me to make some invaluable professional connections. 

- Clancy Fink

The range of expertise and willingness of the women on here to share advice has been invaluable to me. After posting about the difficulty I was having collecting from a non-paying client, I received dozens of helpful tips and responses. That day, I reached out to the client and implemented some of the suggestions, and received confirmation of payment the very next day. I also used the group to hire someone for help with my own website, and she did a great job. The solidarity of FF has also been fantastic. As women, we have unique challenges in the workplace and in running our own businesses, and it's nice to be able to find support from others who know exactly what we face day-to-day.

- Jill Overmeyer

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