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Introducing Yourself - Please introduce yourself through ADMIN designated #INTRODUCTION threads only (not personal posts). These are posted at the first of the month.

#OPPORTUNITY | Length of project | Location | Budget ($-$$$$) Post jobs through this hashtag with info on the job.

IMPORTANT: Freelancing Females cannot and does not vouch for individuals seeking job opportunities or posting job opportunities; please(!) be *discerning* when analyzing candidates / job opportunities. We highly recommend contracts!

#QUESTION - Freelance questions

#GIVE - Share tips, a new app, site, etc that may be helpful (we do not allow personal blogs, etc)

#LETSGETCOFFEE | Location | Time - Interested in getting together with fellow Freelancing Females in your area? Post using #LETSGETCOFFEE, your area and date/location (This is to facilitate Freelancing Females informal meetups, please do not use to promote outside events).

#WHATTOCHARGE —For questions on how to price your freelancing services

Do not post:

In an effort to keep this group clean and away from spam, please do not post:
-Personal Promotional posts (unless asked for your work or sharing under an opportunity)
-Promotion of your own group & asking for recommendations on groups
-Surveys/market research (if you’re interested in doing so email hello@freelancingfemales.com)
-Seeking Photoshoot/event locations
-Selling/Being salesy
-Outside events
-Tech questions that should be routed to a support team

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